Gifted with a Blank Slate and The Support to Thrive and Grow

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Hello My Friends, I never would have imagined in a million, billion, trillion years that my life would be uprooted, replanted, blessed with the support and acceptance that I have craved for many years, and that by sharing My Ultimate Dreams and Goals that I have for My Life, I would be able to start […]

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Unraveling Life; Taking a Stand; Not Sure What’s Going to Happen Next

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The last few months have not been what I ever expected my life to go through at this time, or any other time, to be perfectly honest. I thought I was going one way, and then life took some turns onto some dark streets with very little, or no lighting to show me the way. […]

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Fundraising for Molly’s Unexpected Vet Bills

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Raising Money with I’m raising money for Molly’s Vet Bills, her health deteriorated so far so fast that she needed immediate hospitalization to receive IV fluids, medication, and testing. I’m working on raising $1100, and we have $145 so far, and very thankful for it. Please click here to donate. If you would like […]

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