I’m Turning My Leaf Over… I Mean My Life

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Hello My Friends, With the autumn season I have discovered a new calling for my life, being a Designer; a Designer of a Better Life, not only for myself, but I Aspire to Inspire others to embody Designing a Better Life for themselves too. How to I want to do this? I want to start […]

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Gifted with a Blank Slate and The Support to Thrive and Grow

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Hello My Friends, I never would have imagined in a million, billion, trillion years that my life would be uprooted, replanted, blessed with the support and acceptance that I have craved for many years, and that by sharing My Ultimate Dreams and Goals that I have for My Life, I would be able to start […]

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Unraveling Life; Taking a Stand; Not Sure What’s Going to Happen Next

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The last few months have not been what I ever expected my life to go through at this time, or any other time, to be perfectly honest. I thought I was going one way, and then life took some turns onto some dark streets with very little, or no lighting to show me the way. […]

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She Really Put a Lot of Trust in Me

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The second to last week in February my friend Thea came to visit me. Hidden deep down within, there was something I needed, but I couldn’t even admit it to myself – which is why I didn’t fully realize what it was, until after everything was said and done. I knew before Thea even came […]

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