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An Update on Molly


A few days into her treatment of Addisons Disease, this was the first time I noticed she looked so much better and healthier and alert.

Molly has been doing so fantastically since she started her medicine for her Addison’s Disease, she is putting on weight again too. We were just at the vet today for a quick check up and she weighed in at 33.2lbs, which is up 4 lbs since she got sick and lost all that weight so fast. She drinks water like crazy being on the Prednisone, which she takes amazingly well – when I shake the bottle she comes to the kitchen doorway and sits down and lets me give it to her, just like that, easy peasy.

She seems to have more energy than she ever did before too! She is more excited to take long walks and go to outside. We had a few accidents at first with the increase in how much she is drinking, but once I figured out a new schedule for letting her out twice as much as Simone, it hasn’t happened again. She does so well when I let her outside for a quicky potty break, I don’t even need to leash her, she mostly just comes right back when I call. Once she ran after a cat tho, but hopefully that doesn’t happen too much.



Her eyes looks so much brighter and more alive now

Things are still pretty rough financially, my roommate decided to move out with little notice, and it’s been a struggle to find a new one. I am still raising money at GoFundMe, click here to donate: Vet Bills for Molly by Emily Rose – GoFundMe. I’ve raised $275 of a $1100 bill for her initial treatment and hospitalization. I am most appreciative of the help I have already received. Thank you to those who have donated to help me pay her vet bills!

If you can spare a coffee for the day, even $5 would really help out.


Here she is playing at the apartments dog run, such a happy girl! ^_^

An Update on Me, and My Entrepreneurial Pursuits

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Fundraising for Molly’s Unexpected Vet Bills

Raising Money with I’m raising money for Molly’s Vet Bills, her health deteriorated so far so fast that she needed immediate hospitalization to receive IV fluids, medication, and testing. I’m working on raising $1100, and we have $145 so far, and very thankful for it. Please click here to donate. If you would likeContinue Reading

Molly’s Medication Regime

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve raised $145 for Molly’s vet bills so far! \o/ Thank You Everyone! If You would like to contribute, please click here. Molly went back to the vet today after a rest on Sunday. She went back for a while today so they could check on her, andContinue Reading

Molly Might Have Died

It seemed dire in the beginning, the vet even used words like “if the worst should happen” and “we can do our best but we don’t know for sure.” I was scared and in shock, I cried and I wondered how I would handle her passing away right now; so suddenly like this! It hurtContinue Reading

Molly Needed to Be Hospitalized

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Moving Past the Past

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A Request from Emily

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I’m Back Home Now

Please be Patient as I get back to everyone, thank you!

Explanation of Hospitalization

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