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School: Perpich Center for Arts Education
Visual Arts Program Graduate – 2000 to 2001 (View Diploma – Under maiden name Stocker)
Address: 6125 Olson Memorial Highway – Golden Valley, MN 55422
Phone: 763-279-4200, 800-657-3515
Website: http://www.mcae.k12.mn.us/

School: Minneapolis North High School
Arts and Communication Program – 1998 to 1999
Address: 1500 James Ave. N. – Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: 612.668.1700
Website: http://north.mpls.k12.mn.us/


School: American Public University, Business Administration, 2008 to Present
Address: 111 West Congress Street – Charles Town, WV 25414
Phone: 877-777-9081
Website: http://www.amu.apus.edu

Degree Program: BA in Business Administration with a Concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Cumulative GPA: 3.76

((Copy of Transcripts Coming Soon))

Samples of my Undergraduate work

BUSN499 – Senior Seminar in Business Administration:

Business Plan and Essays:

Literary Art:

PowerPoint Samples:

Society Memberships:


(*Under my previous last name Bowers, in Minnetonka, MN)

 Undergraduate Course Work

 Course #  Course Name (Click for Grade Report)
 ACCT100  Accounting Principles I  B-
 ARTH200  Art Appreciation  A-
 BUSN100  Basics of Business  A
 BUSN310  Business Theory  A
 BUSN311  Law and Ethics in the Business Environment  A
 BUSN312  Operations Research  A
 BUSN313  Global and Competitive Strategy  A
 BUSN316  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship  A-
 BUSN415  Small Business Growth and Development  A
 BUSN499  ((Current Course))  ((TBD))
 CHFD220  Human Sexuality  A
 DSIN121  Web Page and Web Site Design  A-
 ECON101  Microeconomics  A
 ECON102  Macroeconomics  B
 EN101  Proficiency in Writing  A
 EN102  Effectiveness in Writing  A
 ENGL120  Creative Writing  A
 ENGL225  Business Writing and Communication  A
 ENGL420  Advanced Creative Writing  A
 FINC400  Principals of Financial Management  A
 FINC405  Budget Development and Execution  A
 HIST101  American History to 1877  B
 HIST102  American History since 1877  B
 HRMT407  Human Resources Management  A
 INFO311  Management Information Systems  A
 LITR221  Literature  A
 MATH110  College Algebra  A
 MATH302  Statistics  B
 MC300  Principles and Theory of Management  A
 MC301  Management Ethics  A
 MK300  Principals and Theory of Marketing  A
 MK408  Consumer Behavior  C+
 MKTG101  Introduction to Marketing  A
 MKTG301  Principles of Sales  A
 PH101  Introduction to Philosophy  A
 POLS210  American Government I  A
 RQ295  Foundations of Online learning  A
 SCIN108  Introduction to Astronomy  B+
 SCIN109  Astronomy Lab  B
 WEBD121  Web Development Fundamentals  A


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