Healing Time

The past months have been pretty rough on me, some days are better than others, but most days I have been in recovery mode from one pain or another.


Lately my brain has been in overdrive mode, I think it has more to do with the fact that I just haven’t been able to do much with out some kind of assistance. I’m feeling rather overwhelmed with all the things that need attention, plus all the things I’ve not been able to do physically; so much has gone undone.

I’m slowly on the mend, the last couple days have been the best in a long while. I finally have space for yoga, am stretching again and have started a new meditation practice. So I am slowly getting my flexibility back and I actually woke up “early” (for me) in quite a number of days.


I spend as much time as i can each day in Self-Care-Mode and meditating on healing; breathing in relaxation and breathing out tension and toxicity.

I picked up this special edition of Yoga Journal a bit ago at the Whole Foods and I’ve really been able to get into the articles and have been using some of the techniques they teach right away, I believe it has helped me immensely. I would suggest checking out their website for some pretty useful information: http://www.yogajournal.com/

Deep Breathing

I really find deep breathing techniques especially helpful, not only for my physical pain but also for my emotional pain. I like to meditate on becoming more relaxed and letting go of tightness, tension, and toxicity in my body. Some times I feel like it is evaporating right in the moment and then I have a little bit more movement afterwards.

When I Breath In I meditate on the following mantras:

* I Accept Relaxation
* I Am Relaxed
* I Am Open to Relaxation

When I Breath Out I meditate on the following mantras:

* I Release Tension
* I Let Go of Tightness
* I Release Negativity

I made up my own Mantra’s to use and they fluctuate, sometimes I will think one mantra for a while and feel the release of some of the pain or tightness, sometimes I need to focus more on the specific areas of pain and tightness and hone into what the tightness is stemming from, and then address those pains more specifically.

Attempting to Maintain Positivity

I really want to maintain a positive outlook, but my depression has been rearing its head in my face quite a bit. Not only am I dealing with physical and emotional pain, over not being able to do all the things I want/need to do, but I am also dealing with many other little things that have come up too. Its frustrating but my Beau has been helping significantly in uplifting my mood and bringing happiness back into my life. He also helps me get things done that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

He’s provided a stable environment for me to heal and is doing what he can, when he can, to take care of me so that I can heal. I’m so thankful for him and so glad he is now a part of my life everyday. I still have a ways to go to feel as good as I was feeling half a year ago, but I am getting there day by day.

One Request

If you are able, would you please send prayers and healing thoughts my way? I really appreciate it.


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