I’m Turning My Leaf Over… I Mean My Life

Hello My Friends,

With the autumn season I have discovered a new calling for my life, being a Designer; a Designer of a Better Life, not only for myself, but I Aspire to Inspire others to embody Designing a Better Life for themselves too. How to I want to do this? I want to start by letting you know how I Have Designed, and am continuing to Design, a Better Life for myself. I want to empower you with what I have learned, discovered, find useful, helpful, and the many resources that I have collected over the years. I plan to do this by recommending the things that I Love, sharing them with you here in my blog along with affiliate links if applicable, where you can find and potentially purchase them if you are Inspired by what I have to say about them.

Over the years I have entitled myself with many labels; Artist, and Photographer, Entrepreneur, Fashionista, Dumpster Diver, Disabled, Poor, Thrifty, Open-Minded, Marginalized, Student, Writer, WordPress Designer, Painter, Drawer, Fur Momma, Rescuer of Abandoned Pets and Wildlife, Dreamer, Determined, Idea Powerhouse, Force to be Reckoned with, and so much more. I have learned that its not always fun to be labeled, because some labels hurt, while other labels can help heal and empower. I want to redirect my focus away from the painful labels in life, and instead simply Embrace that I am a Multifaceted Being, I have many wonderful Skills and Talents that I have honed over the years, and I want to continue to use those to help me lay a Strong Foundation for my life.

I’m turning my life over to the wonderful Creator, the Great Healer, My Inspiration, the Power of All Our Life Forces; because I know that I am being Healed, I am Loved, and I need not worry any more about how I will get by in this world, so long as I continue to embrace my healing, and continue to Love and be Loved. Even during the days when things keep going wrong, during the months where everything seems to be falling apart, during the weeks when I didn’t know how things would turn out in the end, I held on to the Trust that I need not worry, that I am Protected, that I am Loved, and that I will get through every difficulty – even when I am blind, deaf, and dumb as to how, I trust that I will be able to continue on, One Step at a Time.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to please everyone, I don’t have to be every thing to every one, I don’t have to change myself to be Loved, I don’t need to pretend or act like I am someone that I am not, I only need to embrace Being More of Who I Am, and that is enough. People will Love me or hate me, they will do what they will, and I can’t change that by changing myself. As I embrace being More Me, More Emily, I realize that I am Wonderful just as I Am, I am Loved just as I Am, I am Supported just as I Am, and I am SOO Very appreciative to finally know and understand this Truth. So in that New Light, I am going to Simply Be Myself when I write about what I love, what I want to Do with my life, What I Dream of Creating, All of it. And if someone doesn’t appreciate that I am being True to Myself, that’s okay, I’m okay with them finding another person to follow, because I’m sure that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and That’s Okay with me, I don’t want to be. I just want to be ME.

With all my Love,
-Emily Rose

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