Gifted with a Blank Slate and The Support to Thrive and Grow

Hello My Friends,

I never would have imagined in a million, billion, trillion years that my life would be uprooted, replanted, blessed with the support and acceptance that I have craved for many years, and that by sharing My Ultimate Dreams and Goals that I have for My Life, I would be able to start over, yet again, only this time I’ve been Blessed with the support to Help me Create My Dream Life and bring it into Reality. How Cool Is That?!

Yes, I am plowing ahead with a New take on Life; I Accept a Brand New way to live; I Accept that I am A Force To Be Reckoned With; I Accept that No One Has the ability to Hold Me Back any longer, because I simply won’t allow it. I Am Confident in my abilities to be a Highly Successful Person. I’ve studied hard, and I’ve Dreamt BIG, and I AM ME, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care any more, because it’s OKAY! You don’t have to like me, and I’m FINALLY OKAY with that.

I’ve been taught my whole life that ANYTHING is Possible, so Long as You Believe you can do it – but I’ve learned that it takes So Much MORE than a Belief that it IS POSSIBLE. Of Course “anything” is possible, but laying around all day dreaming about it’s reality won’t make it get here any sooner. I Aspire to Inspire Hope that if Those of us who Believe that There is Hope, and there is a Better Way to Live, a Happier Way to Live, a Successful way to Live, are able to come together in the same space, In the same Belief, In the same Values, and We ALL Aspire to Greatness Together, then WE WILL BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS TOGETHER. No Doubt in My Mind, No Doubt in My Heart, No Doubt in My Soul. We Can Achieve Greatness Together, as a United Family.

Being One Person on a lonely Island of Dreams is a Sad State to Live in, and I No Longer Accept that as My Reality. I Accept Love, I Accept Support, I Accept My Idealistic Beliefs and I Aspire to Create Change Through Hope and Helping Others. In So Doing, I Am Able to Heal. I Accept Healing for Myself, I Accept Healing for My Life, I Accept Healing for My Relationships, I Accept Healing for My Friends, I Accept Healing for Strangers, I Accept Healing for my Enemies, I Accept Healing for Our World, I Accept Healing and Re-Balancing IN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

I may be Disabled, But I Will Not Let that Hold Me Back from Doing Whatever I Am ABLE To Do, to Inspire Hope and Healing for Anyone that I Am Able to Help. Even in My very lowest times in my life, through being poor, through depression, through abuse, through mania, through mountains of credit card debt, and though I may be steeped in student loans, and seemingly crazy at time, I will not allow those trifles to stunt My Growth, I will NOT Allow them to hold me back in fear and trepidation. I Don’t believe that I am my debts, or my flaws, or my crazy, or my brokenness Any Longer.

I Believe in the Freedom to BE MYSELF, TO BE ACCEPTED AS I AM, and I Extend that Acceptance to You, whomever you may be – You Are NOT Your flaws, You Are NOT Your Debts, You Are Not Your Disabilities, You Are NOT Your Brokenness; You Are Simply YOU, and I Accept You as You Are, Beautiful and Wonderfully Created and Creative Souls.

I’ve been gifted with a very strangely given Blank Slate of a life right now, and I intend to make the Very Best of Everything in My Life, and even though advice has been given to me to find my focus, and to work on healing myself first – I have Found My Focus and I Am Healing through this Process; I ASPIRE TO INSPIRE HOPE.

I Aspire to Inspire Hope Through the Creation of A Beautiful and Wonderfully Accepting Creative Community Which Embodies All My Hopes And Dreams, ALL My Values, ALL My BELIEFS; I call it the A’la Art Community. And if this message Inspires Hope In You, I Invite you to Learn A Little Bit more by Clicking Here, and to Sign Up if You Feel Called to Be Part of This Newly Growing Family, and Our Movement to Create Hope.

With All My Love,
Your Friend, Emily Rose

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