The “A’la Art Community (TM)” is Coming Soon!

Hello My Friends!

I Believe So Much that Art and Business Needs to join forces to help create a stronger Economy for ALL OF US, that I have been working the last 6 years to figure out how to do just that. I believe that I have finally figured out the best way to help bring Art and Business together, so Now I want to start building that community Both Here in Cincinnati, my New Home, and Online Worldwide! I Invite you to Learn More if You;

-> Believe In More Artistic Freedom.

-> Want To Be Accepted For Who You Are.

-> Want To Run A Creative Business, But Don’t Know Where To Start. Or You Already Have One, And Want Support Continuing To Build.

-> Value Our Environment And Want To Help Restore Balance Between Ourselves And The World Around Us.


I’m a Traditional Artist & recent Business Graduate; I want to help my fellow artists merge their love of Art with Business like it’s never been done before. To Do That; I am planning to create an Intentional Arts Based Creative Community here in Cincinnati, Ohio!

I am planning to start raising money Soon with Crowd Funding so that We will be able to purchase a building to get started – It’s Very Exciting, I already have one picked out!

Would You like To Learn More About What We’re Doing? I Invite You To Sign Up For Our Mailing List at


By Adding Your Name And Email Address To Our Artist Community Mailing List, You Will Be Able To Learn More About;

  • Why We Want You To Be Part of Our Creative Community.
  • What Our Goals and Plans Are For Building Our Intentional Community.
  • How To Give Us Feedback On Our Direction.
  • And How You Can Apply For Early Membership Into Our Worldwide Online Community.

A’la Art Is “A Community Creating Hope! ©”

I Invite You To Sign Up Today at!

Thank You!
~Emily Rose

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