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Since January 1st, 2014 I have been working on posting all of my best work from when I was using film (1998-2008), and I am quite proud of my work, and so thankful I have a platform like RedBubble to showcase my work, where my patrons (You guys and gals) can easily purchase any size and on many types of materials. I’m really pleased with the variety that you are able to get my work printed on, and it allows you to get exactly what is going to work For You, and that just makes me tickled pink.

What Is My Subject Matter?

Good Question! I have photographed many various things over the years, when I was using film I photographed Animals (wild and pets), Nature, Architecture, Water fountains, Waterfalls, Flowers, Mushrooms, Trees, Bridges, and so much more! Please check out my work by clicking here.

I have done my best to write some description of where and what it is that I am photographing. I hope that it can help tell a story about my history through photography, and the places that I have lived and visited. I have posted over 100 Photographs so far.

Enjoy! and Thank you for your continued appreciation of my work.

-Emily Rose


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