A Letter of Encouragement

(A letter from myself, to myself)

Dear Emily,

I know you have been working on a lot of changes in your personal life these past months, and I know you’ve been confused, and wondering if things will work out. Every change feels like a reinvention of yourself, and that can be scary. But it can also be exciting.

I’m a firm believer that we can always reinvent ourselves.

If we are in a situation that we don’t like, then we can make a choice to change that situation. If we feel trapped in a circle of negativity, which isn’t pushing us forward in a positive way, then we can break free and chart our own path.

It may not be easy, it may not be quick, but it will be worth the time and effort you put into it.

No matter what feelings you’re experiencing while you’re growing through that reinvention of yourself, it’s worth it. It’s worth it to push forward through your obstacles. It’s worth it to live through those pains. It’s worth climbing over, under, and breaking through it all. And I believe you can do it too.

You can gain strength knowing that others have gone before you, others have been in the shittiest crap they could never imagine going through and they came through it, they worked hard to heal, to grow, and to overcome their own obstacles.

I have.

writing-a-letterNever in all my years did I imagine that my husband would hurt me, rape me, abuse me, threaten me, throw my things away, demean me until I meant nothing, throw my pets into walls, threaten our lives continuously, manipulate me into staying with him longer than I truly wanted to. And I’m still here, still fighting, still pushing forward. And recently passed the 4 year anniversary of my divorce.


Be Sure To Keep Your Dreams Alive.

My dreams out of high school were to attend college, get my degree, and then start a business. Instead I got married and found out that my husband didn’t want me to go to school, or have a business. I found out through all the excuses he made; he wanted to go first, we couldn’t both go at the same time, we couldn’t afford it. He deflected all my attempts of starting a business too.

But I prevailed.

After our separation I pushed forward with the goals I always wanted to achieve; I started school, and started making progress towards owning my own business. And now I’m 6 classes away from a BA in Business, and working step-by-step towards owning my own business.

If I could get through all of that, then you can get through the obstacles your facing now. I know that sometimes it seems like you can’t get through it, but you have made some amazing friends, and they have helped you through some really difficult times. If you need to lean on them for support, then go ahead, they have been with you before, and they will continue to be supportive of you now.

As I said before, I believe that we can always reinvent ourselves. Keep going, one step at at time, you will get through this too.


Emily Rose


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