It’s The End of the Year Already?

I can’t believe its the end of the year already. This past year has brought so many new insights, revelations, learning, strength, friends, and more.

Yearly Theme

For some years now I have been creating a theme for each year, I decide what it will be in a moment of clarity before the new year comes. I discover what next years theme will be while I’m in the process of looking back over the last year and seeing how far I’ve come towards my life’s goals and where I want to be at the end of the new year. Having a theme for the year helps me to direct my overall projects to help meet my life goals, from the long-term to the short-term goals.

My Theme for 2012 was “Building Solid Foundations.” You can read about that revelation in this post: Looking Back and Planning Forward


Now that I am reflecting on 2012, I do feel that I have built solid foundations; I have some wonderful communities I am part of, I have an accountability group that meets weekly, I have made huge strides in smaller projects towards the fulfillment of longer-term projects, and I have dealt with a lot of personal issues that have been holding me back.

I am now a Senior towards my BA in Business, and looking forward to graduating within 2013. That in itself is a huge accomplishment, and it fills me with a sense of excitement, but at the same time, I’m scared shitless about what my future holds without the ever present assignments to do. But at the same time, I am sooo looking forward to being done with school and moving forward with my art career and entrepreneurial dreams.

The Plan

My plan has always been to start really making progress in my entrepreneurial plans in my senior year, so that by the time I graduate I will be prepared for what lies ahead of me. Current projects are thusly surrounded with learning how to sell my art at local art fairs; I want to learn how to get my fine art into exhibits, galleries, and local shop fronts; I am slowly starting the process of clearing stuff out of my life and apartment, and also learning French to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in France for a while; I’m setting up the early stages of A’la Art (http://ala-art.com) community, and building a plug-in for artists; and lastly I have started mentoring a 16 year old, she is my assistant when I do local art fairs, I get to teach her what I know about art and selling, and she gets real-life practical experience in the professional art world (we also plan to have creative art time together).

My Theme for 2013

In a moment of clarity I have discovered that my theme for 2013 is “Putting myself out there,” don’t mistake that for what seems to have become what we say when we want to start dating again. It’s not about dating, or finding a mate, its all about physically getting out into the world, meeting people, artists, and going to venues, signing up to do art fairs when ever I am able, and getting my art out into the world. My art is so much a part of who I am, how I express myself, and what helps to guide my life, putting myself out there is a total encompassing of all of that.

Profit and Loss

During a conversation at my recent art walk at the Essex, I was talking with another artist, who said, they have been “in loss since last year,” when referring to their art sales. I jokingly said, “I have probably been in loss since I started selling my art.” But then I realized, that isn’t the way I look at selling my art at all! I don’t believe that I am “in a state of loss” just because it is so financially. Being “in a state of loss” as a statement in and of itself would seem to reflect that I, as a person, would be “in a state of loss,” which is just not true. My art reflects who I am, and where I’ve been, what I’ve gone through, and I am fulfilled by creating, which is more then a financial statement can provide for me.

I do my art for myself, and feel that as a professional artist, selling my work completes the life-cycle of that piece of art for me. I am excited each time someone tells me they connect with my work, like it, what they think of it, and those are the moments when I am most happy; I love telling the stories behind my art work. And of course, I want to sell my art, but I want the right person to buy it, I want them to connect with it on a personal or emotional level. Putting myself out there, will help those people who connect with my art work, to find it.

Cleaning Up

For some time now, right around my birthday in September, I start doing end-of-the-year cleaning and organizing, so that by the time I get to the new year, many of the things I avoid doing are done and I can move forward with my goals. I know many people do spring cleaning, but how many do end-of-the-year cleaning? I think it’s refreshing to get rid of the old and unused by donating, selling, and even gifting away perfectly usable items, that just aren’t being used anymore.

This includes taking care of “dreaded” paperwork, organizing my computer files, re-arranging furniture if needed, and cleaning any part of the apartment I normally would neglect. Its wonderful to start the new year off fresh and clean, dontchya think?

A New Year

I’m looking forward to what this new year will bring, what new lessons I will learn, and overcoming my own obstacles.

What are your rituals when facing a new year?


  1. Holli

    I totally identify with what you wrote, “And of course, I want to sell my art, but I want the right person to buy it, I want them to connect with it on a personal or emotional level. ”

    It’s funny, during Thanksgiving weekend, my mother in law asked me what my goal was with my photography, and while I thought of something along what you wrote, I knew she was asking financially so I have an answer to that end (to support my creative costs and make some side income).

    Anyway, I do love the idea of end of the year cleaning, and find myself getting into cleaning mode during season changes.

    Best wishes for a fun filled end of the year!

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