Art Fair Day Two

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Day 3: Second Day of Art Fair and Tear Down

I wonder why they call it tear down? Your not ripping everything down, or tearing it all apart. Take down sounds better. “Lets take it all down” “Lets tear it all down” one sounds productive and the other sounds destructive. Not to mention, tear is like tear (when your crying). Its funny how a word can have the same spelling and two different pronunciations, and that (and context) is what differentiates what you mean when you say it. #EnglishIsWeird You’re certainly not crying when you take everything down. Taking everything down took less then 1/2 the time it did to put it all up. I’m sure I will learn how to set-up more efficiently as I keep doing shows.

So anyway, today the show started at noon, which was really helpful as I had plenty of time to get ready, unlike yesterday when I turned off my alarm in my sleep and arrived a few minutes late. To be sure that didn’t happen again, I set 3 alarms.

Last night I went to bed super early, and then woke up super early, because the doggies started to whine-bark, so I woke up at 6am full of adrenalin, because that’s just what happen when they whine-bark at me like that. And then I took them for a walk, because with my crazy day yesterday I didn’t get the chance to give them an actual walk and they were pretty antsy from me not being there all day.

After that my heart was still pumping and I decided to take my Statistics quiz for the week. It actually went surprisingly better then I thought it would. Then, a few minutes after I submitted the quiz the adrenalin gave way to sleep again and I crashed hard. Best 2 hours of sleep this whole weekend, because at 9 I was up again to get ready, go pick up my assistant and drive to The Barn. We got there 15 minutes early this time.

My Wonderful Customers

Its such an amazing feeling to know that people like and want to buy your work. It gives me hope for the future of my creative business.

It’s so cool to say I have customers! After making a purchase of fingerless gloves, one lady wanted to have a copy of my sign for my fingerless gloves to share with her workplace (unfortunately I didn’t have an extra copy, altho I printed 2 of every other sign #weird). Lots of people were really into creating their own box-sets of cards. I printed a different photograph onto each card and it was really fun to watch people flipping through them and making their own sets. One cute little girl got all my fungi cards in a box-set and then purchased one of my knights from the set of chess necklaces I made.

It was really fun to tell back stories about all my different art pieces too. Where I took photographs, what was going on at the time that helped to inspire me. My paintings were huge conversation starters, sometimes they reminded people of their own stories and it was great listening to them and learning about their life too.

Sunday’s Are Slower

We did have a steady stream of people coming through, but it was a shorter day for sales. So I think that contributed somewhat. I was able to handle the shorter day much better then yesterday. I’m very grateful my assistant and I get a long so well, she is picking things up really fast and to able to help customers when I am not by her side now.

Even though I didn’t make as many sales today as I did yesterday, I still made a good amount of sales. This weekend I made enough to cover the cost of the booth, meals and gas for the show. They rest is basically paying for things I bought to do the show and being invested into future shows.

Being Part Of The Club

The woman whose booth was across from mine was so nice to me. She is a member of the Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati and I had the chance to chat with her on a few occasions to learn more about the club, because I am thinking of joining. She has invited me to be her guest at a meeting in January so I can see what its all about. I’m really considering investing into the yearly membership, I believe that being around other women artists and learning from them would be a wonderful experience. So I am really looking forward to learning more about the club.

She also gave me advice during the show and tips for next time. I knew that this was going to be a huge learning experience and experiment for me. I took a bunch of note and wrote down references that people told me about for exhibiting my art and doing more fairs. It’s really coming at a good time since I am in my senior year in college now and have that bit of a safety net still while I am learning how I am going to run my art business in the future.

What’s Next?

Next weekend I have space at an Art Walk in The Essex Studio’s. I visited the Art Walk there in October and they get really busy, and there are so many inspirational artists all around, I’m really looking forward to meeting more new people and selling my work there as well. See you there!


  1. Vas

    What an exciting weekend Emily! I am glad you had a blast and so much positivity come out of it.

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