Art Fair Prelude

Day 1: Set-up

Its so amazing to have my art up on display and ready to sell. I was pretty nervous just going in to set up, and at the same time really psyched to be showing my work. The space I have is wonderful, its a corner right next to the front entrance; there was a perfect amount of wall space to put my paintings on one wall, and my photography on the other wall. They were able to provide 2 2x4ft tables, and I brought one myself. I wasn’t originally going to bring a 3rd table, but at the last minute I asked if it would be ok if I brought my fashion accessories, some purses, and jewelry I made, and they said yes. I knew I would need more space for that, and it fit surprisingly perfectly into the space.

My friend Katie was there to help me set up. It took us 2 1/4 hours, and then we spent some time perusing the other artists that were there. I was able to talk to some really wonderful and friendly people, and I felt like I really fit in. Its been difficult for me to find my place living here in Cincinnati, I’ve tried some different groups, and had some cool experiences, but being surrounded by such amazing artists just felt right at home.

I also ended up forgetting some important things to set up, so one of my paintings is not hung yet, but that will be rectified as soon as I get there tomorrow morning. I also forgot to make a few signs, so I did that when I got home. I’m not quite sure where I will put my name-sake sign, but I need to find some space for it :)

I’m looking forward to the first day of the show tomorrow and meeting people and selling my work.



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