Preparing To Showcase My Creations

I’ve Been Preparing

To Rock The Socks Off of these art fairs I am this next two weekends! (and all the rest of them next year that I will be in too ^_^ )

Tomorrow is official set-up, but I’ve been setting up for a few weeks now. Well to be more clear I’ve been preparing the art that I already made so that I can sell it. I actually have more then I can bring with me, but what I am bringing with me really looks amazing. I was matting the 8×10 photographs two days ago and I had multiple artgasms.

I love photography and art so much, and I’ve been on the craziest and best emotional roller-coaster while getting ready for these shows. First I was excited, there was so much to do! I needed to mat photographs, I needed to gather paintings, I need to make sure drawing were protected so people could easily look at them and touch them and so that nothing would happen to the art itself. I found the most amazing place to get these supplies, and started preparing all my art.

Then I was coming up over the top of that roller-coaster before shooting straight down into a crying panic attack “What if no one buys my art? What if I spent all this money to display my creations and no one likes them?” What if questions kept oozing out of my brain and pooling themselves around my heart. I had to call on my friends for support. And support me they did. I was able to come out of that downward drop and turned back around to finish getting everything ready, and I am so happy that I am pushing myself through all those fears to do these shows and just see what happens.

“Life Is A Great Big Experiment”

I’ve been saying this for a while, but more and more, I actually believe it. You can’t know whats going to happen until you DO IT! And that’s just where I am now, I have no idea what will happen, but I’ve done everything in my power to be prepared and show my best self (and the best of my creations). Check out the gallery to see some preparation-in-progress. And after the weekend showcase I’ll give you the inside scoop (and photos) of how my first art fair went!


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