Conforming To Society

Over the years I tried so hard to conform to what society said I needed to be, that it made me miserable, depressed, and anxious.

I often wonder what some of the true reasons are for the worlds down-trodden. Is it always a natural chemical imbalance? Perhaps the stress over long periods of time, to conform to what were told to be, has long reaching affects on our sanity.

So, let me ask you; do you do the things you do because they truly make your life a better place to live or were they traditions taught to you by society?

I’m sure that most people don’t realize they are following a tradition, because they have been so ingrained in or society and in our minds since childhood.

When participating in these social traditions we are looking for the worlds acceptance. The equation works like this: participate in the traditions that are expected of us + the acceptance of society for doing them = our happiness.

But the equations all wrong.

Whose acceptance are you looking for? Your own or that of the world?

What traditions do you participate in unknowingly?

Have you ever wondered why the worlds expects you to wake up at a certain time? Dress for success in certain ways? Why women have to spend hours de-hairing themselves to be accepted? Why the tradition of circumcision is so wide spread that most women don’t even know what a natural penis looks like? Why do thousands of evergreen trees get cut down each year to celebrate a holiday?

One answer is social traditions. People keep thinking that if they conform to all the acceptable traditions then they will be happy.

Another answer is corporate greed. Big businesses keep force feeding these traditions to society so they can keep making money.

Now, ask yourself, does it bring lasting happiness to your life by participating in these traditions? Or are you just following the equation taught to you?


  1. Fae Nathara

    I’m (slowly) getting rid of all the traditions that I don’t truly enjoy. It can be pretty tough, though – especially the sleeping thing!

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