What Rules Do You Have About Your Website?

Its interesting to finally know about my “hidden” rules. I’m finding that I have all kinds of them. And now that I’ve been stripping them all away, some sneakier ones have gotten me. For instance; the color white. I always thought the color white was “soooo overrated” & I have been adverse to using it in website design. I thought that it was pretentious, and since “everyone” was using it, I wanted to be different, and I wouldn’t ever use white – and BAM! I created a “hidden” rule about the use of the color white on my websites. I didn’t even realize it until I started the process of redesigning this site.

Rules Are So Controlling

To break control of that rule, I’m using TONS of white on this design. And to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling freed up, I don’t have to come up with a design that uses images, or do anything at all to the space (besides format it). I’m saving me time, mental energies, and stress. It’s also very zen.

Zen Is Good

Minimal can be a stress relief no matter where it is.

I mean I’ve been decluttering my home, I decluttered my home art studio, I really don’t like a lot of crap being everywhere so that translates nicely into this space now too.


And as an added bonus, what I think this will allow more attention to be paid to the art I want to display here, & it will be easier to read the posts. And both of those are good things.

Your Turn

What rules do you have for your website?


  1. Fae Nathara

    I HAVE to have a graphical header, there cannot be too much white space, and text must contrast hugely with it’s background. I’m not sure if it’s a rule, but I must have my sidebar on the right hand side and there can only be one of them. Hmmmm… I’m going to have to investigate more rules! I think the biggest one is that my blog cannot be the front page! EEK!

    1. Emily Rose

      Fae, I like the updates on your site design. I never considered my own rule about having the sidebar on the right. (In fact, in the current design I have a sidebar on the left next to the header, and then one on the right next to the content. I love what can be done with the Headway theme.) But you’re right, for me it just seems easier to have the sidebar on the right, but I can’t remember my reasoning beyond that and IMO it looks better there.

      I’d love to hear if you uncover any more rules that you have.

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