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2012 Election Map

In the aftermath of the elections, I am thinking about all the crap that was flying around over the last months. Why do we hate people’s opinions, beliefs, and political stand when they are different from our own? Why do we divide our country by “red states” and “blue states”? The amount of money that was spent on these campaign’s, and the amount of physical waste in the form of fliers, mailers, and yard signs just astonishes me. For months you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by political campaigning.

I’m just imagining the sheer size of the pile that we could make by putting all the campaigning paraphernalia from across the country together. How big do you think it would be? How much paper and plastic would it amount to? Does any of it even get recycled?

It was especially bad here in Ohio, where we had both presidents believing in that we were going to be the “deciding factor.” I can’t even count how many political fliers and mailers that I got. And you know, I don’t think they change anyone’s opinions of the other candidate, or sway people to the other side like they seem to hope to. What I think happens is someone picks them up, glances at who they are from, if they are the candidate they are for or against, it doesn’t mater, it only serves to galvanize and strengthen their belief in the candidate that they believe in.

So if opinions and beliefs in how our country needs to move forward are only strengthened by these campaigns, what is the true purpose? Or perhaps that is the true purpose, to strengthen our personal beliefs in our candidate that we think will help this country move forward. But is is really necessary to plaster the country with so much paper that just goes into the garbage?

Its such a waste. How are we ever going to learn if we keep stuff like this up? How will the environment heal if we continue to pollute it?

Another thing that I don’t understand, is while I don’t follow politics until the hours after voting and the votes are coming in, I was listening to some new channels and one guy who was talking about Romney, and how he could have “exploited” the votes better, and “marketed” himself more effectively. As if the presidency is all just one big marketing campaign, and if you’re a “good enough” marketer then you can win. That right there sickens me to think of.

I mean I started college in marketing and after a few classes of learning how we advertise to the psyche, and attempt to feed into an “emotional” sell, and how marketers and advertisers are learning about the physiology of purchases, it literally made me sick to my stomach how manipulative and controlling the whole process is. When that guy was talking about how Romney could “market and exploit” the voters I felt purely sick to my stomach.

That people continue to think this way is only teaching our culture how to respond to being manipulated and controlled. I transfered from my marketing degree into a business degree where I could learn more about the backbone of running my own business so eventually I can better myself and in doing so help other people too. But I don’t believe in the traditional marketing schemes and advertising. I personally don’t watch commercials, or listen to them on the radio. I mute them, I block them online, I don’t want to be manipulated into spending my money, I don’t think that’s fair. I have had to unsubscribe from newsletters because they flood my inbox, or they try to make a sell in every single one they send. Its freaking exhausting to be inundated with so much marketing.

And that’s how I feel about politics, its fucking exhausting to be bombarded by all that crap. I don’t want it, I wish I could unsubscribe from politics. I go and do my research, I don’t need to hear one party bashing the other party on the tv, radio, Internet, and get it in my mail box, see it in peoples yards, everywhere. It’s exhausting, so I preserve myself by blocking as much of it from my life as possible, so I can try to preserve my sanity.

I don’t understand why so many people get all “up in arms” about politics. Just choose who best fits with your beliefs and ideals, and do your research, find out facts, and then go vote. We don’t need to pledge our allegiance to a person, or a political party, we pledge it to the country. It will be a bright and glorious day when we can stop bickering between ourselves and just accept that some people have a different view point, different opinion, and be glad that we are not all the same. I know I am.

Peace and Love,
-Emily Rose

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