Love Bug 08

Happy Halloween

First Time For Everything

Growing up I didn’t celebrate Halloween in the traditional way with trick-or-treating. I did get all dressed up every year, but instead of trick-or-treating I went to an event at my church. It wasn’t til I was 20 that I had my first experience trick-or-treating. I went all out, I created this “Love Bug” costume, and for some paint, cardboard and brown twine all of which I got from my work it turned out really amazing (at the time I was working at Home depot). I spent 2 days making this costume and I thought it was the best thing since sliced brain (what you expected me to say bread?).

Love Bug

Going as a car was difficult, we didn’t own one at the time, so it was a bus ride to the rich neighborhood to have our excursion. And we made bank! Everyone was much much older, and since there weren’t a lot of little kids there we got 2 pillow cases full of candy (as you can see by the pile in one of the photos). I remember getting so many compliments on this costume, I was so proud of myself. I recall getting some normal sized candy bars in that neighborhood as well. #crazy

One couple was nice enough, when I had to go to the bathroom, they let us into their home so I could use the restroom. Then they gave us a tour and we had something to drink. It was the nicest trick-or-treating experience I could have ever had. (Please try to ignore the craziness that was my hair). :)

The kitty in these photos is Patch, he’s long since passed away. RIP. I got him as a birthday present when I was little, and I used to dress him up in doll clothes, lol! He didn’t like that too much.



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