Renovating, Redesigning and Creating

There are times in a business start-up that require change, lots of it, and right now I am in that process. It is a very exciting time, and very scary, because with change comes the unknown. But change needn’t be detrimental to your small business; change brings progress.


With renovation comes growth, and with growth comes progress on dreams, goals and everything your business aspires to be. I’m currently progressing forward with various elements in my business, and progress can be anything from creating a product, creating a service, expanding a product or service, even discontinuing something can be considered growth in your small business. It’s not always about creation. Sometimes it’s about deconstructing first.

There can be good reasons for deconstructing, you may feel like your current path is not the way to go forward in your business anymore. You must be like the phoenix, everything changing all at once, seeming to burn up with all the friction of change, but once all the non-essentials have burned away, you will become really clear about your path. Then you rise from the ashes a changed person, and your business follows suit.


You know when its time to redesign because your brand identity, the colors, images, shapes, website, mission are not what they were when you published your site on the Internet. Everything is changing, perhaps slightly or perhaps massively. Sometimes this can be triggered by life changes, transitions from one period of your life to another. When you transition you begin to assess where you are in your life, what you’re doing with your life and where you’re going. You question where you want to be, what your future looks like on your current path, and you begin to see where things can be improved. You start to slough off the things that don’t matter anymore, and you begin to redesign your life, you begin to redesign your relationships, your business, and your whole life can change in the process. Whether in a matter of moments, or a matter of months, or years. Everyone’s pace will be different, embrace your method of redesign and continue moving forward with eyes to your future.

I recently had a huge life transition that has put me into this position, and I have been letting go of some projects, refocusing on my business and my passions, analyzing who, what, when, where, why and the how of my life. It can be tough, but looking at where I am now and if I’m doing what it’s going to take to be where I want to be in the future, is so important when in the midst of a transition. I’ve realized that my brand identity on is not reflective of the growth mentality that I have for this business. Therefore I am on a mission during the month of September to physically restructure my network of websites, redesign this site, and reopen it on my birthday, Sept 28th, with a grand dual birthday-launch party, and you’re invited (details to come)!

Here’s What I’m Creating For You

The restructuring, redesigning, and creation process I have been going through personally, is reflecting itself in all areas of my life, including in the creation of a long-term coaching and accountability service that will be available to you with the relaunch of The focus of this service is;

  • To Challenge Yourself
  • To Inspire Growth
  • To Foster Healing Energy
  • To Create the Life You Want

There will be a limited number of openings for the next year (12 to be exact), if you want to be part of this growth-movement – sign up here. I look forward to working with you.

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