LaVonne Ellis

Supporting Long Lost Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of grand adventures? Traveling the world and meeting new people? Getting out of your everyday ruts and blasting 70mph into the freedom of a vivacious road trip?

I know I have those dreams, and will one day pursue them, but right now my friend LaVonne Ellis is planning her embarkment to travel the highways and byways of America and Canada to meet with her online friends, to make new friends, to gather their stories and then share them with the world.

You could say I want to live vicariously through her adventure on the road by supporting her as she makes her plans and saves up funds.

Meet LaVonne (and her projects)

LaVonne Ellis

LaVonne has been inspiring me for quite some time now about how to treat your customers right, with love and caring, a totally different paradigm then what most big businesses and corporations do with their marketing strategies. That’s where I met her and learned so much from her.

She is currently working on a few different projects, she is saving up for her Road Trip and writing at The Complete Flake, where she wants to help other people who experience resistance around getting things done, so they can live better lives and feel more productive.

She also is collecting and writing stories at One Blue Berry, a sister site to The Complete Flake, a magazine-styled site for reader submitted stories about anything from Love, Hate, Fear, Sex, Fame, Crime, Comedy, Friendship, Family, Adventure, Religion, Death, and Business. I have been keeping up with the stories so far and they are always wonderful to read, taking in the life lessons from everyone who submits. You can even submit totally anonymously!

Her newest project is surrounded by tech-love, Trust Wanda, where she will take your order on any of the following services:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing WP plugins and themes
  • Site maintenance (upgrades, backups, and security)
  • Audio recording and editing

Supporting Dreams

Its wonderful when friends and family support our dreams.

Click on any of the link provided below to get to know LaVonne and follow her on Twitter, she has always been so supportive of everyone she meets and I would like to reciprocate that by sharing my support with her now. There are lots of ways that we can show her our support, I’m going to Chip In with a donation, a direct way to send support for her road trip. She also has an Amazon Wish List for her road trip, where you can gift her with the things she will need out on the road. If she is offering a product on any of her sites, and you need it, then take this opportunity to get it from LaVonne, a win-win way to show support if you ask me! You can also spread the word by writing a blog post (like this one), sharing her plans and projects with your own community.

Trust Wanda

Find Out More:

Follow LaVonne: @LaVonneEllis


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