For Every Negative There Is A Positive

I’ve been taking College Algebra since the beginning of May, and I knew going into it that it’s not my best subject. When I was in high-school I had to take Algebra two times because I flunked it the first time.

I went into this class with an open mind to learn new things and not to associate with the failure I had in high-school. My professor even asked the class to look at different statements on a spectrum of “I am not good at math” to “I love math” and then associate one of them with ourselves at the beginning of class – and I refused (thankfully there were no hard feelings or credits to be lost for that).

Before I started the class I had two of my friends offer to help tutor me ( Colin @icecolbeveridge and Thea @XpectAberration)  and they have been my life-savers (not the breath mint candy). Thanks to the ability to re-take unit tests after I have learned more about the subject I have been gaining confidence and getting better scores on the re-takes. On this last test I took though, Math bent me over its knee and broke me.

Feeling Broken

I went into the test feeling confident that I grasped all the concepts of the week and then when I submitted the unit test for grading and found that I only scored a 76 I broke into tears for 10 minutes. I was so stressed from spending the whole of the available 2 1/2 hours taking the test, and about 4-6 hours a day studying every day of the week before hand, that I couldn’t hold in the overwhelmed feelings anymore.

I normally grasp concepts straight away, it doesn’t normally take me more then 30-60 minutes to take a test and score above 90%, but math is my black sheep subject. I started to get so worried and frustrated over that 76% score that I was sure the rest of the class would go downhill from there and I would fail and have to take it again.

Calling For Support

I called up my friend Vas because I needed some perspective, and she always gives it to me straight. She said “So what if math isn’t your best subject, look at all the positive things you do have going for you!”

Talk about the reality check I needed, so I calmed down and took some deep breaths and thought about how great everything else has been, and where I am going in life. This math class is just an uncomfortable hump in the road, and I have two excellent friends who are tutoring me so I can learn as much as possible and get as much from it as I possibly can. Its also a reminder that I am a visual learner and that when taken into consideration, if a math problem is displayed in a visual way then I can grasp the concept and learn the concept – and that is a positive thing.

Just like on a graph, it has the x-axis and the y-axis, and each of them have a negative side, and each of them have a positive side. For every negative there is a positive (and that can be verified through math).

If your struggling with learning something new, or brushing up on something old, and are finding out that it’s not your best subject, realize that there is a positive side to this situation, all you have to do is find it for yourself.


Answer in the comments: What positive things going on in your life can you think of to counteract your own negative hump in the road of life?

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