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Transforming Energy from Negative to Positive

My friend Tina Robbins is a Transformational Energy Coach, she works with clients who want to transform their energy from negative to positive.

My first experience with Tina, the coach, was when I signed up for her personalized Energy Assessment; I was feeling an abundance of the wrong kind of energy, I felt pulled in a million directions and I couldn’t keep up with my mood swings from depression to mania.   I needed some guidance to bring me back in alignment with positive energy forces.

Taking An Energy Assessment

She focuses the Energy Assessment on ways of understanding your own energy stressors by use of The Energy Leadership Index, and teaches through your personal answers about what you can do to respond to your personal stressors instead of simply reacting to them.

I felt a new sense of understanding after this Energy Assessment.   I could plainly see with her guidance in reading my results where I thought I was (which was actually where I strived to be), where I actually was, where I was spending my energy, and how to start taking steps to be where I wanted to be. This was eye opening and a huge step for me in noticing from then on out how my energy was flowing with-in me and around me.

Later, I signed up for her Individual Coaching, Road Mapper, a 6-session intensive action plan to work through a specific time in your life.

Why Bother Transforming?

I signed up because I needed more intensive coaching for an upcoming event: a trip to another state for a week with family, and a wedding surrounded by even more family members who came for that event specifically.

The last time I had been in that situation I flew down to the event with a positive outlook. But after some days I had a complete melt-down and was a real bitch (though at the time, I couldn’t see that). During those first days I was there I had let myself become so depleted in energy that I became extremely depressed.

By the time I had my melt-down I didn’t even want to be touched, because every time someone touched me it zapped my strength and made me feel worse.   I sat around one whole day avoiding everyone and crying.

The next day I was being fed Xanex by my Aunt so I could participate in the family events. Being on the Xanax made the most annoying sounds like a blurry mind-numbing song.   Everything was a-okay (sarcasm intended).

Before this new family event, I had spent a year learning to use skills to overcome anxiety attacks and ground myself so that I no longer needed to take Xanex (I had been prescribed it after that first event). I still had a supply left over, “just in-case” and I didn’t want to go back to using it again.   I had worked so hard in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) to overcome needing it (I still brought it as a back-up).

This time, I knew I didn’t want to have another melt-down or have to take Xanex to calm down into a zoned-out state-of-mind.

Taking Major Steps Forward

I had been going through huge changes and taking major steps forward in my life since the last family trip and wedding, but I was still dealing with residual crap and negativity and I wanted to get things figured out, get down to the root of the issues, re-claim my own energy, and take back my self-confidence so that I could really enjoy the whole trip and spend time with my family without feeling depleted or becoming depressed.

Through her coaching sessions, I was able to figure out the root of many issues surrounding why I became so depleted previously, and how to reclaim my energy and self-confidence again. She helped me reinforce my tool-chest with new skills and techniques for staying grounded and maintaining my energy flow. I practiced and practiced for days before the trip, so when I flew down there I was prepared.

And Then… Success!

When I went on this years family trip, I stayed grounded the whole time, I never once took a Xanex, and I maintained my sanity even when unexpected events reared their ugly heads.

I had one moment where I was exhausted from the flight, and a barrage of people to engage with that I went and cried for about 30 minutes. But, I had a short session with Tina on the phone, talked to my Step-Dad about the specific frustrations, and was able to go back and engage with my family again.

Through that trip I was able to prove to myself that I could maintain my energy, stay positive, and get over any hurdles in my path. My self-confidence increased after that trip as well.

I am so thankful to Tina for helping me see it through to the end and for being there when I needed an extra boost.   Since the trip, I have continued to use the skills and techniques I learned, and I feel 100 times stronger than I was just a few months ago.

What are you doing to transform? Answer in the comments below.

Next week, I will be interviewing Tina. I’m sure you won’t want to miss this!

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  1. Lesley Fletcher (@gypsyles)

    Congratulations for getting back on the horse and riding elegantly into the sunset. You must feel so empowered having pinpointed your strengths and weaknesses and most of all how to use the strengths and combat the weaknesses.

    1. Emily Rose

      Hey Lesley, thanks for the feedback. I am very grateful for the coaching I received from Tina, I do feel more empowered now.

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