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Growth is an important part of being an artist and entrepreneur, and it’s also an important part of being human. I strive for growth in small accomplishable steps; I believe in taking lots of small steps, even one small step every day, each one is an important part of the process in moving forward towards your goals.

Over the last year I have been blessed with many opportunities for exponential growth. There have been many wonderful people along the way that have helped me learn to overcome challenges, and I want to say thank you to them all.

The coaches, communities, on-line courses, and guides that I have interacted with and learned from are below. These are some wonderful resources that I am especially thankful for and I highly recommend to taking your own steps towards your goals.


Tina Robbins of Open Roads Coaching

Tina helped me learn about my energy and how to manage it better. I learned that the real power is in taking control of your energy, where it goes, what you’re holding onto, who already has it, who you give it to, how you give it to them; there are so many facets that I had never thought of before until Tina coached me through each step, going through each layer of “crap” that I had been holding onto. I highly recommend her coaching sessions if you are feeling depressed; like other are “leaching” your energy; you don’t know why you’re so tired; you want to stop generating or attracting negative energy and start generating and attracting positive energy. Click here now.

red hot momentumYolanda Facio of Red Hot Momentum

When I had a clarity session with Yolanda I was able to learn much about what was holding me back. I discovered that I lacked boundaries; I was able to realize where my focus was and where I wanted it to be; I’ve become better able to discern what projects I wanted to tackle and which to let go of; I was able to expand my thinking about my fears in opening up to people and being myself. She helped me learn to set boundaries and how to hold myself accountable to keeping them. I highly recommend her services for finding the truth about ourselves and reasons why we might not be able to face them. Click here now.


Art Empowers Me* by Melissa Dinwiddie & Cory Huff

As a member of Art Empowers Me I have been able to learn so many lessons from experienced artists who have been successful in their own businesses,  how to overcome obstacles that I face as an artist, and so much more.  The monthly coaching calls are something I never miss because I always learn something new. I recommend this community to artists who want to learn about being an artist in business. Click here now.

The Putty Tribe by Emilie Wapnick

I have so many interests, and not just in the visual arts field, I also love to write, design websites, fiber arts like sewing & crocheting, making jewelry, building businesses, inventing, and the list goes on. Learning that I was, what Emilie calls, a “multipotentialite” helped me to overcome my fears of doing business as a generalist and not a specialist. Being part of the multipotentialite community has shown that I am not the only one out there and I love to interact with everyone and I learn so much there. If you are unable to “pick just one” I recommend checking out the Putty Tribe. Click here now.

On-line Courses:

Trailblazer* by Jonathan Mead

If your stuck in a day job and want to break free into running your own business but don’t know where to start or what to do, Trailblazer is the course you’ve been waiting for. Since taking the Trailblazer course I have a new outlook on running my business. Instead of following what everyone else is doing, I pay more attention to my personal goals and plans. Jonathan teaches the course in 6 monthly lessons, including video, worksheets, weekly mentorship calls and there is an amazing and growing community to meet other trailblazers just like you. To find out more and sign-up, click here now.

ADD VIP Club* by Jacqueline Sinfield & Marcia Hoeck

After following Jacqui and Marcia for some months on their “Ask Marcia & Jacqui Anything” webinars, I was pleased to learn about this new course they built. Even though I’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD I do find that I have many of the same types of productivity management concerns.  Since I have been taking their course, I have been more productive using the techniques and skills they teach. It comes in 26 bite sized lessons with a once a week e-mail notification for the next lesson. If you become distracted easily, have trouble focusing, and need that extra push to motivate yourself, then this is the course for you. Click here now.


The Tao of Awesome* by Johnny B. Truant

The Tao of Awesome is all about accomplishing tasks, productivity management,  overcoming your stress, and kicking ass and taking names in your life, business, finances, health and relationships. If you’ve struggled with productivity and your to-do-list is never ending like mine, then you seriously need to take a look at this guide. Its an e-mail course that comes over time so that you have time to implement each step that Johnny guides you through to taking back your time. I recommend this for everyone. Click here now.

Renaissance Business* by Emilie Wapnick

Being a quintessential multipotentialite I felt the need to find out more about the structure of building a business as a generalist and not a specialist. Reading the Renaissance Business by Emilie Wapnick helped me do just that. I learned how to discern an over-arching theme for my business (mine is “Artists in Business”) and to embrace all that I am, it has helped me so much in moving forward. If you are a generalist instead of a specialist and want to build a business around all your interests, I recommend reading the Renaissance Business. Click here now.

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