Hot Springs Arkansas Mountain Road

Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Your Gut + An Anniversary

This month marks my one year anniversary of living in Cincinnati Ohio. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN – The Twin Cities – the only other place I’ve ever lived was Louisiana, and that was when my ex was in the Air Force. This was the first time in my life I decided to move away from home on my own.

Since moving I’ve come a long way.

Hot Springs Arkansas Mountain Road

Mountain Road in Hot Springs Arkansas – Original Photography by Emily Rose

I came to Cincinnati for many reasons; to get away from negativity, haunting memories, to start fresh, to heal, and to grow.

I really needed to break free from all that was holding me back. I had many barriers holding me down, I was diagnosed with so many disorders I couldn’t remember them all, it plagued me. I would be depressed, lacking any self-confidence; and then I would swing to mania, and become over confident. I was emotionally and mentally stuck in the past abuse I experienced.

I needed some room to breathe and learn to embrace my true self again.

Guided By Intuition

It was a huge decision to pick up my life and move it to an unknown city, with no friends and no family. I felt suffocated by my past and needed a place to heal; to get away from all influences that were holding me in chains to all that crap I lived with for so many years. By listening to my intuition, I was able to let the universe guide me.

I let intuition take over because my high-level thinking was too muddied to think clearly; so I went with my gut.

It’s Just What The Doctor Ordered

Its hard to express how thankful I am that I followed my gut instead of my head at that time in my life. I am sure many people thought I was crazy out of my mind, and to be honest, I was. Which is why I needed to find a place to heal my mind, heal my emotions, and heal my soul. I found that place in Cincinnati Ohio, a nondescript place as you can get compared to growing up and living in the Twin Cities.

I don’t know where I would be today had I let my logical brain guide me, maybe I would still be stuck in the past, stuck in despair and swinging wildly from depression to mania. Following my gut allowed me to let the universe guide me through my own intuition; guiding my actions and bringing me to a place of peace and healing.

There have been many wonderful people along the way that have helped me learn to overcome challenges and I want to say thank you to them all.

Following Your Gut Trumps Following Your Logic

Is there something in your life that you feel is holding you back? Does your logical brain explain the day away about why you “should” stay where you are – be it a place, with a person, at a particular job, in a negative environment, hanging out with negative people – what ever the case may be, are you listening to your head or to your gut?

You’re personal well being is more important then negative friends, or terrible work environments, or staying with abusive and demeaning partners, or living surrounded by negative memories.

Break free from the chains that are holding you back. Start listening to your gut.

On Thursday I will be sharing some wonderful resources that helped me through the last year, I am especially thankful for and highly recommend them.

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