paint brushes photo by Jenni

Emily Rose Reflects: An Artist’s Relationship With Their Art

paint brushes photo by Jenni

Image by Jennie

I’ve learned a lot in the last 7 weeks by interviewing other artists, we all have such different relationships with our art.

Not every every artist has a deep relationship with their art, some artists used to be more involved emotionally than they are now and some artists live very much through the art they create.

I got some great responses from readers too:

When asked Do you live through your art? Joy said, “I believe and practice that each creation absorbs the energy that I create with; what I wish to share is life enriching and spirit enlivening so I create from a physical place of peace and my essence is in each creation.”

When asked Are you emotionally attached to your art?Alvin Black III states, “Im recovering from precious art syndrome. I think doing a lot more work has allowed me to be a lot less attached to any particular piece. I have a lot more ideas to work through.”

When asked What is the best way to handle rejection?David Lafferty said to, “respect what others see in your art whether it is a positive opinion(s) or not.”

When asked, If someone doesn’t like your art, does that mean they don’t like you?Jessica Serran states, “If someone doesn’t like my art it’s often a great starter to a conversation… It’s nice, and fascinating, and often very illuminating to hear another articulate what they don’t like, or why it might rub them the wrong way…”

I followed up by asking her “Do you think you would change anything about your art based on their feedback?” and she said, “The most helpful thing for me is feedback that helps me to better understand what I’m doing. I know well enough that if I “try” to change anything, or make the work go in a specific direction, it loses its vitality.”

Such great feedback from everyone on our artist series. If you missed any of the posts, here they are:

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Week7: Creatively Dealing with Stress

I want to answer your questions, post them in the comments below or email them to me at contact[at]emilyrose[dot]co and I will answer them in future blog posts.

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