Start Blazing Your Own Trail

My Outlook Changed

Since taking the  Trailblazer course I have a new outlook on running my business. Instead of following what everyone else is doing, I pay more attention to my personal goals and plans.  Before I took the course I was paying so much attention to what everyone else said I should do that I couldn’t keep up with all of it. Now I feel accomplished in my own goals, not the goals I see everyone else accomplishing.

I had several mind-set shifts while taking the course too. I used mantra’s to help me set my minds focus to where I actually wanted to be focused. The weekly mentorship calls that Jonathan has were so instrumental in achieving my personal mind-set shifts that I made a point to attend them all. Every time I was faced with a difficult challenge Jonathan would help me walk through the steps I needed to take to get myself to the other side, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that part of taking the course.

Life is not a means to an endWhat I Learned

There are so many things that I learned during the course! One thing that I learned has to do with how I handle my idea generation. I often come up with so many ideas that I can’t contain them, I get idea overload, I get excited about each new idea and I want to do them all right away, but this fritters away my energy, and I usually don’t get anything accomplished.

In the past I would jump on every new great idea that I had full force. Now I let the ideas seed themselves and I’m allowing much more time for the idea’s to germinate and sprout. Sometimes the ideas take a new direction and it’s a much better direction then when I first had the idea, and sometimes I realize that the idea is not for me to do right now so I put them on the back burner. When I have new project ideas now I am able to be more defined about what my goals and purpose are. Jonathan helped me with my specific issues, like this one, during the mentorship calls.

I’m So Glad I Took The Trailblazer Journey

I’m really glad I took the course, there is so much valuable knowledge and guidance that can be found when you need it, you become part of the trailblazer team. There is such comradely within the members of the group, and it’s a life-time membership once you’re in. if you need help or assistance with anything, or you just want to ask a question to the group, the forums are there and people respond and help you through issues that you’re having.

Jonathan is very present during the course and responds in a timely manner if you contact him. He has a great team and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of taking this course when I did. I’m looking forward to February and meeting all the new members in Trailblazer and watching their progress as they grow and achieve their goals for the New Year.

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