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Featuring: Vas Littlecrow Comics

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Vas Littlecrow

Vas Littlecrow

Today I wanted to feature Vas Littlecrow and her Comic art, she has many series under her wing and my favorite is Upir’s Mark! There is so much that is real and connective to life because it is so very  much based in real life. There are too many examples to list, and I suggest simply checking them out!

Upir’s Mark

Here is an  Upir’s Mark Comic in which I had e-mailed her an idea from something my cat always does to me so often!


I am also particular to the hilarious adventures of Catnose (a characture very much based off Vas herself) and the crazy things that have happened!

The PC Bikini Shoot – Click to visit this comic on

Here is a list and summary of her Comics from Velvet Rasputin:

Titles From Velvet Rasputin

Rasputin Catamite (aka Velvet Rasputin)

Summary: The early years of Upir’s Mark, Siberia’s most outrageous shock rock band. Underneath cheap gross-out humor and outrageousness lies the story of three broken youths who form a rather unorthodox family at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Written and rendered by VAS Littlecrow. Updated Wednesdays. (Disturbing adult subjects, strong language, censored nudity, graphic violence, and drugs.)

Upir’s Mark

Summary: The surviving members of Upir’s Mark grow up and move out to present day Minneapolis, MN. They document their lives, loves, rants and silly moments in a crudely-drawn hybrid webcomic blog.  It’s the only Velvet Rasputin comic where the characters will answer your questions directly.  Written and rendered by VAS Littlecrow and Narphy La Mancha. Updated daily. (Adult subjects, frank discussion of mental illness and abuse, strong language, nudity, implied violence, and drugs.)

Rasputin Barxotka

Summary: The crimes and loves of a rogue king, a rake , a feminist, a paranormal investigator and a shaman.  Written and rendered by VAS Littlecrow. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (Disturbing adult subjects, graphic sexual activity, language, nudity, and violence. )

Things That Bring Forth Hate

Last but not least; I wanted to share a comic she did when I was visiting her before I moved to Ohio, I was detoxing off a few different prescriptions that I couldn’t afford because of various insurance issues. I was going through some serious highs and lows and she drew this up and showed it to me and I felt so much better, she rocks my socks off! (I have the original here with me now too, I always smile and think of her when I see it displayed in my art room ^_^ )

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