"Wind and Waves" - Original Art by Emily Rose

Wind, Waves, Jet Skiing And Business

"Wind and Waves" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Wind and Waves” – Original Art by Emily Rose

What I Learned About Business From Jet Skiing

I so enjoyed the jet skiing, I went out 5 times in one day, and my thighs took 3 days to heal from the pain. I caught waves and landed harder then I thought, I once had a wave I made myself spray back on me from the intensity of the wind, a few minutes after it was calm out there. I wanted to share how my brain integrated the learning of the jet ski to my experience in learning how to build and run a business.

When we first get our feet wet in business its like walking into the lake, there is a lot of movement all around us and the deeper we get the less we can see whats out there [under the water]. Getting onto the jet ski comes next, that’s like launching yourself as a business woman and it feels tippy, one foot up and you seem to be tipping the whole thing over, but as soon as the other foot it on it balances out. Having balance in business is so important, just as it is in your home life and personal vs social. We need balance in everything we do.

Firing Up That Jet Ski Is Exciting!

The engine rumbling low and the gas lever under your thumb. As you test the mechanics of getting your business going, it seems to be the same way, your sitting there wondering how much gas to give it, how fast to go when you start out. It is exciting and scary the first time. Then you squeeze a little bit and move forward, and the wind picks up around you, and the rush is wonderful! “Oh my! It actually works!”

Recovered from the shock of “going forward” you might have let off the gas and your idling while going over in your head how crazy that first burst of speed was. This can happen in our business too, we launch ourselves and see the results of moving forward, and yet we are somewhere in a state of shock that all our efforts actually worked and paid off. We idle in the “after-glow” of our first launch. Its perfectly ok to take a short breather, even necessary at times to continue; one thing to remember is that if we idle for too long in the water, the engine might shut off and we will have to push start again to get going.

Once we get going again, the wind in our hair, the spray from the waves, the environment changes constantly around us.

The Environment Changes Constantly

For some time the weather will be nice, sunny and calm winds. This is perfect for punching the gas and going fast, skimming across the water and feeling excited as all get out. Running our businesses at top speed when the climate is nice and calm can be a wonderful experience, the rush and thrill of making sales, connecting with clients and having a great time. It may bring us a tad out of balance though, we might start to think it will be like this all the time. The weather is always changing though, and we need to keep centered in our thinking and plan ahead for changes on the horizon.

One moment the wind is calm and sky is clear and the next moment the wind is strong and creating larger waves, we can push back as hard as the waves are, but be warned that hanging on gets harder to do the faster you go, and when the waves are high, the chance to jump them is just as high. When you’re pushing your self and your business in the rougher times, be aware that its not a soft landing when your coming back down. We all need to navigate the rough business times with grace and efficiency, we may have been going at top speed when the weather was fair, but now that things are getting choppy, its best to remain calm and navigate the weather and waves, then it is to punch it and hope for the best when we land.

The Jet Ski Is Like A Horse (let me explain)

I never tipped my jet ski over, but I did come up with analogy to business for it; it can be a lot like the saying about falling off a horse. I think that its a bit more difficult when dealing with a jet ski though. A horse is standing on solid ground, where as your in the middle of a choppy lake and the jet ski is rocking back and forth and is not as stable as a horse on land. I was taught that you need to center yourself at the back of the jet ski and get on with all your balance on the back and then walk up to the seat again. This is a good way to think about what happens when you “fall” from a business venture. You may at first just try to climb back up where you fell off at, which would tip the jet ski on top of your head, not the outcome your looking for. In business what we need to do is take a step back from a “fall” and assess the situation, find out what happened and why it happened, and then if you want to try it again, get on from the back so you can (if you need to) walk through the steps again and see if you can make it work this time.

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