"Lightbulb" - Original Art by Emily Rose

How Taking A Break Increases Focus

I had a huge realization this last week! A light bulb went off for me and lit up my world!

"Lightbulb" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Lightbulb” – Original Art by Emily Rose

Take A Break

It is massively important to remember to give ourselves a break, a vacation, a weekend off, a weekday off, an afternoon off… you get my point.

Too often as entrepreneurs, we struggles so damn hard to figure something out, we push ourselves 1000 times harder to get our business going, and we neglect taking care of ourselves in the process.

I took a week long family vacation that I didn’t think would do me much good, I figured at best, it would leave me with so much work to catch up on that I wouldn’t know where to begin.

In fact, I have less work.

The reason I have less work, is not that I didn’t have internet. It is that during the week, what I had was a good book to read, games to play, family to interact with, a lake to Jet Ski on (something I just learned to do!) and time for my brain to take a much needed rest from building everything I could think of.

This time to rest and recuperate my brain cells has left me feeling more focused on what really matters, and I forgot about all the crap I was micro-managing myself over, and I have been more productive in the last few days actually getting the important things worked on, started, and even a few things completed that I am now convinced that I need to take more of these vacations.

I think we all should take regular vacations from building our businesses to take care of ourselves. Don’t let the business consume your soul.

Don’t Wait So Long Next Time

I feel so much better now; I was able to write some really focused goals that are totally inline with my ultimate dream. I also started thinking about why I am doing all this. I am building the foundation for my ultimate dream.

I had forgotten my purpose. I am building the foundations for bigger dreams. I want to do good things in the world, I want to help other artists grow, I want to show that being successful as an artist is a possibility for those of us who want it.

Dedication and determination are front and center when it comes to building a business around what your God given talents are.

I believe that with time and effort all things are possible. I also believe that we need to take care of ourselves, we need balance, and we need to give ourselves a break, or be broken in the process of trying to do everything.

Your Turn

What do you do to take a break and bring balance into your life?

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