"Worry Monster" - Original Art by Emily Rose

When Worry Interferes With Your Life

Sometimes you want to do something, and you just can’t, you don’t have the resources, the money, the time. Worry consumes you.

For about a month I knew that there was a probability of going on a vacation to meet my parents and extended step-dad’s family in Michigan. But…

"Worry Monster" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Worry Monster” – Original Art by Emily Rose

I Couldn’t Get My Hopes Up

Time off was iffy for my step-dad, and I didn’t have any money to speak of.

School, classes and making good grades while on vacation poses a problem.

Finding someone I trust, who has the time to take care of my pets and plants for a week.

However the time pressures to find money in miraculous places suffered my mind greatly.

What To Do?

For a few years now I have allowed worry to pass over me as often as possible, and in so doing allowed my mind the freedom to attend to tasks that actually needed attending to.

(You can do this too; it just takes practice and determination.)

Instead of worrying obsessively about every detail, I normally will let it slide off my back like water off a duck. But this time, the amount of worries piled on and other various factors came into play as well.

So I determined that I would be pro-active in my studies, and researching for my business, and finding opportunities to do good things for others. Allow the universe to take care of me.

Worry Monster Arrives Unannounced

Yes the worry monster would creep in unannounced, destroying my mojo.

It was during these times that I reached out to my close friends and they helped me to get back on track. (I love you guys/gals – you know who you are!)

And the universe is taking care of me!

Opportunities have arisen that have:

1 – Allowed the trip to happen for my parents, and

2 – Allowed me the money for gas to get there and back again. My pets and plants will be well cared for by my friend for the week I am in Michigan.

Extra Bonus!

I’m going to bring my camera and take lots of pictures! Whoo-hoo!

I leave tomorrow and return the following Tuesday. Happy Vaca!

Moral of the story

The worry monster is a bitch; you don’t need to let her beat the crap out of you. Determine right now that you will learn the ways of the force to let worry pass over you, and concentrate instead on the things you are able to work on.

Your Turn

What are you doing to let go of the worry monster in your life?


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