"Perfect" - Original Art by Emily Rose

Creating "Perfect Art" Is A Lie

"Perfect" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Perfect” – Original Art by Emily Rose

It’s Been A While

So it’s been a while since you made that perfect art and you want to make more of it. You want it so badly you stopped making art all together because none of it compares to the perfect art you already made.

You might have hung the art up on your mantel, created a “pedestal” for praising it (and yourself). Your genius knows no bounds.

But your mired in funky crap right now and can’t figure out whats wrong with you. Your depressed, sad, feeling pent-up, itching to make art again.

You Give In

So you give in, the anxiety is taking over your brain and you can’t hold back any more. You take out your art supplies, thrust your paint brush into paint colors and start creating.

And it looks like shit. It doesn’t look like your art, it doesn’t even look like smart kid could make that, a monkey could have done a better job making art then that piece of crap looking back at you.

OMG! What were you thinking? You made crap and now the world will hate you forever.

That’s right; the ENITRE WORLD is going to hate you because, in the privacy of your own studio (where ever that is), you expressed what was going on inside of yourself.

And that expression of the private world of “you” is now on paper, or canvas or something and it stinks.

It Stinks!

Why does it stink?

Because you have not been expressing yourself. You are an artist, a creative, and you function the best when you are expressing yourself.

So that crap in front of you is exactly what you’ve been holding onto, it’s the nasty shit inside yourself that you needed to get out. You needed to express all that crap so that you can regain your true focus and create your art again.

Btw, you need to forget about making perfect art. Right now. You need to throw the concept straight away, in the garbage the fire pit down the flushing toilet, what ever it takes to get rid of it.

Then you can be free to create again. And that is a damn right better feeling then what you’ve been holding onto.

Your Turn

What do you tell yourself about making perfect art?

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