"Lucy" - Original Art by Emily Rose

Lucy And The Bug: A Story With A Moral

Living on the first floor certainly has its completely-different-challenges then living on the third floor.

As strange as it is, I keep wrangling morals from my bug catching adventures, there is another one with this story.

"Lucy" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Lucy” – Original Art by Emily Rose

A Spider Named Lucy

The last time I was invaded by a fuzzy spider he was between the patio glass door and the screen door. I tweeted about it too, seems I’m always tweeting and taking pics of creepy-crawlies in my new home. I also wrote “Fear Sucks like Spiderman Loosing Webbing.”

Then a few days later at 2:30 am, I look up from the couch and there is another big ol’ spider. It’s a different type then the last spidey guy, and I swear that Ohio has more types of spiders then I’ve ever seen before.

So there is this big spider on the wall inside my apartment. And I wasn’t going to freak out; I had done this just a few days ago. I went and got my super-special-creepy-crawly-clear-plastic-ware-container and trapped the new spider in it!

I tweet: “So apparently the universe is testing my spider-catching prowess – or! My fearlessness about having them inside my apartment”


“Click, click, click” I take a bunch of pictures with my phone, here is the best one:

I decide this one is a girl.

I poked holes in my super-special-creepy-crawly-clear-plastic-ware-container aka her temporary housing, named her Lucy and went to bed.

Then came disaster!

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of water, like a fountain, it was surreal. I get up and walk around in a fog, trying to pin-point the location of the waterfall, only to discover that what I had was a toilet over flowing onto my bathroom floor!

Not the sort of thing one can enjoy waking up to, if you get my drift. Down to the floor go all the towels I can get my hands on and I plead with the toilet gods to make the waterfall stop!

I was so distracted by my toilet pouring water all over my bathroom floor that I completely forgot (and rightly so) that I even had a spider housed in plastic-ware in my apartment.

That afternoon, I thought to myself, “I’ve got holes in this container, I’m going to go catch Lucy some dinner.” <– Trying to distract myself from the mess in my bathroom I think…


So here I am, wandering around trying to find this spider some spider food aka another bug. Why am I doing this? I must have looked very strange.

Well I found a bug on the ceiling of the entry way, and used some Chinese food menu to knock it down to the ground, and it landed on the glass. Ok, So I take the lid off the plastic-ware and go to trap the bug! Yea spider food!

And I look into my container and I lost the spider! Damn!

Look on the floor, see the spider, catch the spider and the bug, slip the paper between the floor and container (its how I trap the bugs in so I can put the lid on), well the bug slipped out somehow and scurried away. Damn!

Fuck this!

50 feet outside the door, I let the spider go in a bush by the garbage, I figure that’s as good as anyplace that will attract bugs for her to eat.

There was good and bad news about the plumbing though.

Good news

The apartment sent a guy out to fix the plumbing, turned out the sewer was backed up from excessive rain.

Bad news

There was poo in the laundry room, and thank the toilet gods it was in there instead of in my bathroom.

Gah! What a horrible day.

The Moral

Don’t try to catch food for a spider… either the spider or the food gets away.

Actually, This is the Moral

Focus on one thing at a time, because if you try to do too many things, they will get away from you.

Your Turn

Where is your focus?


  1. Nathara

    I love that you can find lessons and learnings in “small” experiences like this – and that you’re facing a fear, too! This is some really powerful self-work that you’re doing and thank you so much for doing so!

    (PS – my original comment was witty – this one is not.)

    1. Emily Rose

      My hope is that I can help inspire you, and anyone else that comes here to get over fears as well, that’s why I am writing about it and my my own experiences with fear.

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