"XOXO" - Original Art by Emily Rose

I Must Confess, I’m A Total Geek

This post is inspired by one written by Johnny B Truant: Lame-Cool

"XOXO" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“XOXO” – Original Art by Emily Rose

Hello I am Emily Rose and I must confess: I’m a geek.

1) I’m a DVD hoarder, I especially love TV shows on DVD, my faves are Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & Smallville.

2) I love to collect old books on the verge of falling apart because they smell good and remind me of my grandparents.

3) I’ve been obsessed with learning coding for websites since I can remember getting our first computer in the house when I was growing up, even if I haven’t been able to use it until now.

4) I love 35mm film WAY more then digital, plus I collect old cameras (for some reason, since letting people know this, they have been donating to my collection ^_^ ).

5) My alter-ego is an anthropomorphic cat.

6) I love the Renaissance Faire.

7) I like Star Trek Next Generation and Star Wars (the old original ones where they don’t digitize everything… and yet I still own them all).

8) I have had a crush on Spiderman and Iron Man since I was little; plus I like all the Marvel and DC characters, and I own most of the cartoon and live version DVDs and TV series.

9) I own Transformers (The whole original cartoon series on DVD! including Beast Wars), plus the new live version movies. And when I was married we owned almost every single transformers toy you could get your hands on. ♫Transformers – Robots in disguise♫

10) My music tastes span every genre, but I would much rather listen to a movie or TV show I’ve watched about 30 times then listen to music.

11) I’ve got tattoos and piercings that shocked people because I didn’t seem like “that type of girl.” (cats and stars and a flower – I AM that type of girl ^_^ )

12) I wear glassed, have crazy curly hair (that I don’t straighten), and had braces growing up.

13) I’m a crazy cat lady but I own two of the best dogs in the world, and one of them is a chihuahua I named after my best friend from when I was 4. My fur-kids are routinely called grand-pets, great-grand pets and I call my parents their grandma and grandpa, which my parents have now adopted and call themselves that as well!

Your Turn

What do you geek out on?


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