"Webbing" - Original Art by Emily Rose

Fear Sucks Like Spiderman Loosing Webbing!

Two events inspired this post:

  1. I caught my fear in plastic-ware.
  2. Scott posted this blog about fear: “What your fears really mean

I started following @nametagscott a few weeks ago, and I find some of his posts rather interesting. (I think Scott’s post about fear is amazing.)

"Webbing" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Webbing” – Original Art by Emily Rose

There once was a fuzzy black spider.

He was trapped!

Trapped between the screen and glass of a giant patio door.

How in the world did he manage to get stuck there? I don’t know, he doesn’t know – how in the world are little creatures able to get into places and not able to get back out?

So anyway, the spider was trapped and all of a sudden a gal with crazy curly hair and glasses came after him with plastic-ware!


He ran away – but not for long!

For she was able to trap him with her conniving ways and then what was he to do?

Change Perspective:


“There’s a fucking spider trapped between my patio screen and glass door!”

“I know,” she said to herself “I’ll catch him!” and then she ran to her cupboard to get her trapping devices (an old clear cheese container).

The little Spidey Guy successfully evaded her for like 5 minutes!

She almost gave up!

But then she caught the little guy and put him in plastic-ware.

Yes, the crazy girl catching the spider was me!

Back-story about why this is important: Ever since I was little, I’ve been terrified of spiders. Creapy crawly little bastards.

And you know what, they are more afraid of you then you are of them – how do I know this? Well, for starters, he ran away from me, and I’m pretty sure they’ve done studies (but since my focus of this site is not catching spiders, but overcoming obstacles, I don’t think its necessary to find documentation for that.)

But I caught him, I caught my fear.

And then I sat there – facing my fear – in a controlled way.

The little Spidey Guy sat on my desk (while I tweeted about it no less!) right next to my arm.

And I kept him there until he stopped making me feel creepy crawly inside.

Why did I do this?

To help me overcome and face my fear.

I had him in a contained, controlled environment.

I had the control over him, and in turn over my fear.

For those hours, (til I let him go in a bush – I wasn’t going to let him die!) I was able to appreciate the intricacies of my fear; the way it moved, curled up at night and got spooked every-time I picked up his temporary cage.

Whats my point?

What if we took each fear, identified it (with the help of Scotts list) and put it in a temporary metaphorical “cage” to examine it in a contained, controlled environment?

  • What do you think would happen?
  • Could you learn something about your fear?
  • Could you name specific reasons for having your fear?
  • Perhaps overcome your fear?

Whether your fears are based in our own life, our business, our creativity, our website or brand. We can take steps today to overcome them.

Your Turn

What’s one thing you will do today to overcome your fear?


  1. El Edwards

    Hey Emily :)
    Came over here via the CL site. I love this thought of examining fears within a safe environment. It reminds me of something Catherine Caine talked about in a magazine article she did for me. She says she likes to put two fears into a fighting cage and let them do battle.

    For example, the fear of failure versus the fear of living a half life and never trying. Let those two do battle, see who wins and you know what to do next. :)

    El x

    1. Emily Rose

      El, ooh I like Cathrine Caine’s concept too! I hadn’t heard of it before, thank you for sharing. Fear seems to be such a tricky little bugger, I think thats why i keep relating fears to bugs… lol

  2. Heidi Dobbs

    Kudos for facing your fear! Even just the act of going after the spider with a bit of tupper ware is HUGE for someone afraid of spiders!

    I was once inspired by Havi Brooks to invite one of my fears to sit down to tea with me; we discussed what it was I was really afraid of, and what they could tell me about myself and the things that are important to me.

    (I liked the image of sitting down to tea with my Fear Monster, largely because I could envision it sitting in a chair entirely too small, holding a tiny cup with it’s pinky in the air… it’s hard to be too scared with an image like that in mind ;)

    1. Emily Rose

      Heidi, I think that imaging technique sounds great, being that I am a visual person it helps me to see or imagine something too!

  3. Nathara

    How did I miss this! Absolutely brilliant! It’s funny that you posted this because the night before last I had a nightmare about spiders. I didn’t used to be afraid of spiders (although if they came inside my house they were toast) but then a couple years ago started having these dreams about them. Now I can’t stand bugs in general.

    I’m trying to step back and figure out what my fear is trying to tell me, and I think I might have to go spider hunting tomorrow to try your method!

    1. Emily Rose

      Perhaps the spider hunting should stay metaphorical – you know, unless there is a spider (or another creepy-ass bug) in your house – let me know if you want help sorting out what the fear might be and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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