"over-thinking" - Original Art by Emily Rose

How Over-Thinking Gets You Stuck

"over-thinking" - Original Art by Emily Rose

“Over-thinking” – Original Art by Emily Rose

Getting Stuck

I spent two hours trying to come up with categories for my new blog, this is after I told myself that I am going to be more minimalistic. I’m striving for that goal, because my brain takes on more then my body can actually do. And if I let my brain take over, I can loose the precarious balance I have right now between mania and depression, and I would rather not be on either end of the spectrum after having gone through so much to get where I am at today (somewhere in the middle).

Being Too Creative

It is possible to be overly creative? Yes, I think so. Instead of just letting it “flow” you can be in high-minded thinking so much that the creativity stops flat. I went to the extreme with my potential blog categories, trying really hard to be interesting, when in all actuality, I still don’t know if I will ever post anything under those categories (or even what some of them mean – or even if other people will understand them).

For example, some of the potential categories I thought of were: “Disjointed Introspection,” “Perception of Reality,” and “Abstract Meditation.” These sound much more like titles for my art then categories for my blog. Having to explain what these categories mean is too much work for me and for my readers, so choose easier self-explanatory categories.

Use Strategy

Instead of straining my brain, I employed the use of strategy. Using this strategy equated into starting off with one category, and since there is already a category provided “uncategorized” I would simply change the name of this one to something a bit more fun. I’m going to call it “The Lost Category.”

I also decided that I would learn as much about choosing categories from other successful bloggers and did lots of reading and studying and asking for advice.

Taking A Brain Break

Taking a break after this fiasco is so important to my self-care, and it’s important to remember to let yourself take breaks too. It’s so important to take breaks when you’re busy at work, whether its creative or not, it can be taxing to the mind, body and spirit. And living in stress is not healthy.

The moral of the story

Be kind to yourself and take breaks, its much easier to keep stress and anxiety in check.

Your Turn

How are you kind to yourself?


  1. Nathara

    I think “The Lost Category” works just fine! I think it’s easier to create categories as you go and find need for them instead of trying to plan ahead of time. After all, you don’t want to over-plan and limit yourself.

    Looking forward to the next post!

    1. Emily Rose

      So very true! I do get hung up inside my head, and obsess over the minutia details, but I want to be open to letting in the right energy so that I can bring forth positive change – and obsessing over this will not serve any good purpose. Thank you for the support!

  2. Vas

    Baby steps to grow and do your best to resist the temptation to overdo it. You’ll do fine. :D

    1. Emily Rose

      Thanks for the good advice! We all need to remember that when starting a new project!

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