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Emily Rose Caricature - by Vas Littlecrow

Emily Rose Caricature – by Vas Littlecrow


My Passion for Art

I’m an artistic nature photographer with a flare for visual fine arts, fashion, and crafts. My playground is in the details of nature that no one else seems to take notice of. I’m an opportunist and adventurer, I find beauty and wonder in every day life and aim to share it with the world.

As an artist my whole life, I bring all my talents and skills I’ve learned over the years in the fine arts into how I capture my subject when immersed in Photography. I see the world as a canvas, and moments are so fleeting; I need to be ready to take hold of the present and capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. The fleeting beauty of a bloom, the short lived life of the spider or butterfly, I want to bring those moments into the realm of forever, so I can share how I see with world with you.

I’m actively seeking new places to hang, share, and sell my growing Collection of Photography.

My Life

Born and raised in snowy Minnesota in the heart of the Twin Cities, I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a two-time Dean’s List student and have Graduated with Honours at APUS Online University with my Business B.A. w/ a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. I’m a life-time member of both the Golden Key Honour Society and Delta Mu Delta.

My Business Aspirations

I want to merge my passion for the arts with my passion for business in the creation of a Non-Profit Community, based in the Arts and Creativity, called A’la Art Community (Like on Facebook).

I love helping others when ever I am able to, and this is my ultimate idea for helping as many people as I can, I hope that one day the ideals of acceptance and helping others become main stream.

I am actively working to build this community with aims of acceptance and family values, centered in the arts and creativity, actively sharing and learning together, along with many aims at helping people and the environment.

I want to be able to Create something tangible that offers a Helpful and Supportive Environment, where We are Able to Share Our Knowledge, Experience and Expertise; a Community to Learn and Grow Together in, a Place to Create and Share Our Successes with Each Other.

I look forward to seeing and being a part of this Community as it continues to grow. Like the A’la Art Community on Facebook



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