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An Update on Me, and My Entrepreneurial Pursuits

I’ve been dealing with a lot lately; finishing school, my dog Molly getting sick and being diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, my Roommate moved out this last weekend with just a prior-days notice; and frankly, somehow I am holding myself together pretty well for all this. Parts of me have just wanted to run away and hide in a corner for a while, but I keep moving forward, there is no other direction to go. Here is an update on what’s been going on since school finished, and updates on my various entrepreneurial pursuits.


I have succeeded in my goal of finishing university and earning my BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurial and Small Business. My ultimate goal has been and continues to be; to be able to build a career off my art, writing, and creative pursuits. This is why I got a degree in Business, I wanted to do my very best to prepare myself for the business world.

In the initial days after I finished the last day of my class I descended into darkness, I felt totally lost, depressed, anxious, frustrated, I felt like I should know what I want to be doing by now, right? Has anything I have tried doing been worth pursuing further? So I start writing, and ruminating, and being super introspective, until finally I come up with a plan for this year, and something to start on for the next year too. This is good, I am on a track now, I have given myself tasks to accomplish.

Photography For Sale

Namely, to publish and post my photography for sale on RedBubble, and also to keep up with a corresponding photography blog on Tumblr and to share it on various social media sites that I frequent; namely Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.I started that at the beginning of the year, and have fallen off doing it last month when Molly got sick, and I was just too busy or too tired to manage anything else. This month I have started again, you can check out my Photography at

And Original Art Too

With the way the world is going these days, artists need to be able to manage their own businesses. It’s a hard road, I didn’t start making art to sell it, I started making it for myself, and became so overrun with art that my business-side kicked in and said: “Run a Business, sell your art, find something you love to make, and that the market will want to buy” – But the tricky part has been figuring that combination out. I have realized that if I want to be a successful artist I need to look at the the things that I love that my fans also love, if this means I lose some fans when I make the switch over to another experiment then, so be it, such is the way of things. I have to finish selling my finished art, or at least sell a majority of it before moving on tho; You can find my fine art originals for sale in my personal online art gallery at (also, any sales I make of art will be going to help pay for Molly’s Vet bills! We still have a long way to go).


As one can see my looking at my current Flickr Portfolio, I have dabbled in Just about everything, and I am no where near done adding my work to that portfolio, its simply a space where all my various media and mediums can intermingle in the same space. I have been an artist that has not always known what direction I wanted to ultimately pursue, but I think this is changing for the better; I have been brainstorming a plan and direction for my life and for my art career.

I have often flipped back and forth between multiple things, but I am working to narrow down my focus, to find my niche, I have an ultimate idea, and have just begun preliminary work on a plan, this will be my plan to start for next year. This year I am going to pursue sharing my photography, right now I am working on my earlier work, before digital, it sure does take me back to the slower days when Internet was dial up! Wow, how far we have come. I am also going to add more current art work for sale in my above mentioned gallery.

Time Out

When I first finished my class, and I was rife with anxiety, everything felt really rocky, I felt like I was crashing into my mind and I didn’t know where to go next, or how I was going to get there. I couldn’t remember all the things I’d been putting off til after school. Instead I felt like I had to jump right into the corporate world or maybe that I was being called to teach. When I felt that my mind went straight to teaching highschool, or adults, or seniors, maybe online school; none of those directions felt right! I was so frustrated I didn’t know what to do. Grr! I’m glad I took the time to just sit down and be introspective, and to let myself deal with what was going on, it really helped me to focus, and I think people will really like the new direction I plan to go next year. I will probably start sharing bits and pieces about it privately to my email list, so sign up for that if you’re not on it already.

I have some really great pieces of art already for sale at so be sure to check it out, all proceeds go to help me Pay for Molly’s Vet Bills, which continue to Pile up. If you are able to donate, I would much appreciate it, donations can be made here: My current goal is $1100, and I have raised $205, which means there is still $895 to go.

Do You Want To Read My Poetry?

I am also currently working on a promise I made to myself, I have been putting off my desires to write and self-publish my poetry and short stories until school was finished, and now it is! I also want to expand on some of the ideas for short stories and turn them into longer stories. Thusly I have partnered with a friend of mine to meet at least one of these ends; to self-publish a poetry book. Charlene also has a similar goal, and therefore, we have deicided to work with each other to help each other meet our goals. Hopefully people will like my poetry, I think I may start sharing some of it on my blog, let me know in the comments if you would like to read some of my poetry on my blog, Thank you!

Fundraising for Molly’s Unexpected Vet Bills

Raising Money with I’m raising money for Molly’s Vet Bills, her health deteriorated so far so fast that she needed immediate hospitalization to receive IV fluids, medication, and testing. I’m working on raising $1100, and we have $145 so far, and very thankful for it. Please click here to donate. If you would likeContinue Reading

Molly’s Medication Regime

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve raised $145 for Molly’s vet bills so far! \o/ Thank You Everyone! If You would like to contribute, please click here. Molly went back to the vet today after a rest on Sunday. She went back for a while today so they could check on her, andContinue Reading

Molly Might Have Died

It seemed dire in the beginning, the vet even used words like “if the worst should happen” and “we can do our best but we don’t know for sure.” I was scared and in shock, I cried and I wondered how I would handle her passing away right now; so suddenly like this! It hurtContinue Reading

Molly Needed to Be Hospitalized

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Moving Past the Past

Moving forward can sometimes be strenuous, when you don’t know where you are going, what is happening in your life, and what you are going to do from this point onwards. Moving forward can be scary as hell. I’m about to be finished with my BA in Business and it scares the crap out ofContinue Reading

A Request from Emily

I was able to talk with Emily recently, and she’s been focusing on resting, healing, and cleaning her living space. She’s asked me to let you guys know that she’s gotten quite a few emails and such and is a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. If you want to help her out,Continue Reading

I’m Back Home Now

Please be Patient as I get back to everyone, thank you!

Explanation of Hospitalization

Dear Friends, Family, and Followers of My Blog: I’ve been hospitalized for (I think) a week now, and wanted to share a bit about what happened to hospitalize me. The last two months I’ve been more and more anxious about finishing school and not having enough money to pay my debts (student loans and creditContinue Reading

A Health Progress Report

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